Promotion of Eur.Erg. certificaiton in Poland and Croatia

The secretary of CREE, David O’Niell, was invited to the International Conference of Ergonomists in Poznan, Poland in May 2018. during the plenary session, he gave a speech entitled “CREE – Professional Accreditation for Ergonomists in Europe” . He underlined the benefits for practitioners and researchers of holding the title of Eur. Erg. This was well received by the ergonomics societies represented at the conference.

Promotion of Eur.Erg. certification at 7th International Ergonomics Conference: ERGONOMICS 2018 – Emphasis on Wellbeing held June 13-16, 2018 in Zadar, Croatia.

CREE was invited by the organizing committee of this conference to present a plenary presentation on the advantages of education and professional certification of ergonomists. Additionally, the CREE representative, Maggie Graf, collaborated with the IEA and FEES to give a workshop on promoting ergonomics. Representatives from several participating countries are considering the formation of a preliminary National Assessment Board or establishing collaboration with neighboring countries to ensure that their members can be more easily certified in the future.